A Few Cool (And Sometimes Crazy) Car Facts

Here are just a few cool (and sometimes crazy) car facts to brighten your day. You may have heard of some of them before, and then again maybe you haven’t. Either way it will make you think next time you pop into dodge san juan capistrano or similar.
Take a look and find your favorite:
• Americans spend an average of 38 hours stuck in traffic every year. Taking that fact and running with it just a little (and doing a bit of math) you will discover that by the time you reach your 60th birthday the chances are you’ll have spent around 95 days of it stuck in traffic. This figure assumes that things won’t get any worse in the near future. And there was I saying that these facts would help to brighten your day.
• Rolls Royce have a reputation for building quality, dependable motors which are made to last . . . and they fully deserve that reputation too. It’s estimated that 75% of the cars they have ever made are still used on the roads. That really is a testament to the quality of their motors don’t you think?


• It takes around 30,000 parts to make an average road car. There’s little wonder that so many old school auto repair men scratch their heads in wonder these days. Their life has sure got complicated over the last few years.
• You know that “new car” smell which is so unmistakable when you sit in a brand new motor? Well, that smell is a combination of more than 50 volatile organic compounds. Yes, they put it there on purpose.
• Sports cars are the most likely to be stolen . . . or are they? Well, if you believe what you see in the movies you’d certainly think so. The truth is that the cars which are most often targeted by thieves are the ones which are most commonly found on the roads. We’re talking more Honda Accord than Ferrari. That’s because these cars are not stolen to be sold on but to be broken up to sell on their spare parts.


• Can a car really drive upside down? Although this may seem ridiculous (has anyone seen “The Italian Job 2003”) it is absolutely possible for a car to drive upside down – it’s all down (or up) to science. Race cars like those used in Formula One racing have inverted wings which work to generate down-force, pushing the cars into the ground. In order to drive upside down a racing car would need to generate down-force which was greater than the weight of the actual car.
• Wouldn’t it be great to win a new car on a game show? Well, yes and no. Anybody who wins a “free” car will still have to pay sales tax which can be pretty expensive in some states. This came to light in a 2004 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show when every member of the audience received a new car worth a staggering $28,500. Unfortunately each “winner” was also left with a $6,000 tax bill to pay.
• Ferruccio Lamborghini was a WWII mechanic in the Italian Air Force before capitalizing on all of the spare military equipment which was left lying around afterwards and converting it into tractors. The entrepreneur made his fortune which enabled him to follow his first passion – sports cars.

Lamborghini photo at LamboCARS.com

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