What’s In With Green Transportation


Throughout the first week in March, students in California’s Kings Canyon Unified School District (KCUSD) were picked up in a new yellow school bus with a distinctly green detail: its engine. The first of the kind from the nation, KCUSD’s new wheels will not just to cut down on the results of fossil fuel emissions to the environment, but will also improve student health by keeping the immediate air round the bus cleaner.

The new bus, aka the Trans Tech SST-e, contains an all electric powertrain, developed by Motiv power systems and is expected to save the college $ten thousand in fuel costs, itself. In a PR Newswire news release Jim Castelaz, founder and CEO of Motiv expressed his hopes for this major part in green transportation: “We are absolutely thrilled to see this school bus transporting students without exposing them to diesel exhaust. I hope that by the time my daughter is old enough to visit school clean, zero-emission school buses this way one will be the industry standard.”

Currently, KCUSD has ordered a total of four electric buses and has received funding in the California air resources board as well as the Zero and Hybrid-Emission Bus and Truck Voucher Incentive Project. These buses are just yet another step in the institution becoming more eco friendly. “KCUSD is taking major strides to reduce diesel particulate emissions by as much as 85 percent” said Jason Flores, the school’s director of transportation.

The bus holds either 25 students or 18 with the addition of a wheelchair lift and incorporates telemetry systems for fleet management, as outlined by Ecowatch. The bus can be 50 percent charged in less than an hour or so.